Reviews of the album “LIVE IN CONCERT: Memories of the Mayflower & Other Tales”

Folk & Honey:

“Le Soir” (Belgian National Newspaper):

“This record is generous, both in its duration (almost 70 minutes) and in its music. It takes us through a concert recorded live at St Mary’s Church in Rotherhithe, London, in October 2020. There are three people in the church: Rupert Gillett (cello, voice, most of the compositions AND all of the album’s illustrations). Nathan Osgood, the narrator of the story. And Jennifer El Gammal, the Belgian soprano saxophone player, who also sings and plays melodeon, who composed two of the numbers, whom we already knew from her Belgian band Uzivati and who now lives in London. The mix of the cello, the soprano saxophone and the voices bring warmth, contrast and colours to the songs. The first half, “Memories of the Mayflower”, tells the story of that ship that left England in 1620 and brought the Pilgrim Fathers to New-England. The second half of the concert, “Other Tales”, brings us other stories, this time told by the two musicians alone, with brilliance and humour. But is it jazz? Yes! Although the melodies have folk and sometimes even classical influences, the arrangements and improvisations are definitely jazz. And it’s specifically this mix of genres that is so irresistible, along with the church’s acoustics and the public’s participation. An original album which keeps on getting better the more you listen to it. So listen to it.”

J.-C.V, Le Soir

“I think it’s absolutely wonderful, truly original, madly inventive, varied, fun, magical, highly skilled and in short a damned great listen.”

Graeme Taylor, from the band “Gryphon”

Live Reviews and quotations:

“One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to”

Meg Hamilton – from the band “She’koyokh”

“Absolutely brilliant… truly wonderful”

Cindy Glover – Time & Talents

“This duo creates a unique uplifting atmosphere, combining a traditional warm sax sound with modern sharp cello arrangements. Witty, at times surreal lyrics and ear pleasing harmonies by the Mad Belgian. Love it!”

Rena Beck – Jamboree Venue

“With obvious roots in jazz and folk, they have achieved that often sought after position of sounding unique. This talented duo display exceptional musicality. They have a sound and that sound is accessible and unlike anything else. Real beauty that does not fail to impress!”

Superglad Music
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