One Voice, One Cello & A Mad Belgian

With obvious roots in jazz and folk, they have achieved that often sought after position of sounding unique. This talented duo display exceptional musicality. They have a sound and that sound is accessible and unlike anything else. Real beauty that does not fail to impress!”

– Superglad Music

They create something ‘out of this world’. Their synergy and unique style put you through a special gig experience; one that will impress you!”

– Babel ART House

“This duo creates a unique uplifting atmosphere, combining a 
traditional warm sax sound with modern sharp cello arrangements. 
Witty, at times surreal lyrics and ear pleasing harmonies by the mad 
Belgian. Love it!”

– Jamboree Venue

One Voice, One Cello & A Mad Belgian

“One Voice, One Cello & A Mad Belgian” is a unique collaboration between jazz-cellist and singer/songwriter Rupert Gillett  and soprano saxophonist, melodeon player and singer/songwriter Jennifer El Gammal. They delve into jazz, rock, folk, pop and more using only a cello, soprano sax and voice, while at the same time singing songs about robots, space invaders, bogey men and other serious issues of the day.

After bumping into each other on the London Live Scene, Rupert & Jennifer discovered that cello, voice & soprano sax were a match made in heaven.  Using only these elements, plus Jennifer’s occasional melodeon and some bowler hats, the duo now create a fun, quirky, entertaining and thought provoking show which combines jazz improvisation, songwriting and story-telling. 

Our Album is available, here

Rupert Gillett

Rupert Gillett is a highly active performer and session musician on the London scene and abroad.  In 2018, he was a featured artist at the prestigious New Directions Cello Festival in Cologne, Germany.  He currently performs with jazz-icon Jacqui Dankworth MBE, jazz violinist Chris Garrick & composer/pianist David Gordon in the chamber-jazz ensemble “Butterfly’s Wing”.  He also plays in a unique 2 cello and violin jazz-fusion/crossover ensemble called “Arcopia” with renowned jazz cellist Gunther Tiedemann (String Thing) and London-based violinist Chris Haigh (Bob Geldof, Michael Ball).   Rupert has performed with Alison Moyet, as well as being featured live on BBC 2 television, BBC Radio London, BBC3 and BBC 6 Music with various ensembles. He has played at large scale events such as the 2012 Paralympics & the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, and has performed for clients such as Amazon, Boots, Dunhill, Asda, the American Embassy and Buckingham Palace.

On double bass, Rupert regularly performs in a number of ensembles such as Dai & the Ramblers (Ace Records), She’KoyokhThe London Klezmer Quartet, the Boneshaker Band, the London Niche Quartet and many more.  He also recently performed on the score of the movie “Tolkien”, starring Nicholas Hoult.

Rupert has also performed to celebrity clients, including Prince Philip, Brad Pitt, Jeremy Corbyn, Angelina Jolie, Jude Law, Sir Antony Gormley, Charles Dance, Orlando Bloom, Nigel Planer (The Young Ones), Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd), Jeremy Clarkson (although he left quite quickly!) and Ray Davies.

Jennifer El Gammal

Musician, writer, comedian, sociologist, tour guide and magician, Jennifer El Gammal, aka “A Mad Belgian”, was born in a tiny land named Belgium. There, she has worked extensively in theatre and music.  She has worked with Théâtre Maât in Brussels as a musician/actor and as a theatre workshop facilitator with children & adults of various social, economic & cultural backgrounds.  Her musical projects include the modern jazz trio Uživati and the unique folk band Virevoltes, featuring melodeon, celtic harp and percussion. She also runs the blog & podcast A mad Belgian. Since then, she has been travelling around Europe on her fold-up bicycle with her soprano saxophone and melodeon. Master improviser and constructor of strange and wonderful musical sculptures, Jennifer’s jazzy and melodic excursions need to be heard….

Après avoir travaillé pendant plusieurs années avec le Théâtre Maât, comme musicienne-comédienne ainsi que comme comédienne-animatrice d’ateliers théâtre (avec des gens d’âges et d’origines sociale, culturelle et économique très différentes), je me suis installée à Londres, où je m’attache aujourd’hui à développer mes autres projets: Uživati, un trio de jazz moderne, Virevoltes, un groupe de folk à danser, et bien sûr mon blog & podcast A mad Belgian